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/// Franchising


AvenueWest Global Franchise Offererings

  • A Proven Business Model - knowing you are on the right path
  • Hands-on Training - learn from those who understand the unique nature of corporate housing
  • On-going Operational Support - our continuing goal is to make you successful
  • Documented Operational Manual - a step by step reference at your finger-tips
  • National Name Recognition - tap into a tradition of excellence
  • National Marketing - immediate exposure to corporate clients
  • Market Specific Website - your own individual market identity
  • Corporate Housing Management Software - a tailored system that simplifies the process
  • Daily Accounting Support - we take on this duty so you can work more productively
  • Continuing Education - geared to keep you abreast of industry trends
  • Openness to Your Input - a willingness to listen and respond to your ideas and suggestions

Now you can build your own unique and profitable real estate business, in your market, by tapping a growing demand for longer term furnished lodging with the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing program.

Your franchise ownership means entrance into the $10 billion dollar corporate housing industry. You will be servicing a diverse and interesting client base, providing you with an exciting and rewarding business opportunity.

Let us put our experience and knowledge into your hands. You will quickly discover the attractive income potential that is available by serving both the business community and an increasingly wide array of other longer term housing occupants seeking fully furnished properties.

/// Real Estate Professionals Find Success with us!

/// Other Revenue Opportunities

Additional revenue opportunities are possible including longer-term unfurnished rentals, brokering a relocation client's home purchase and working with investors and property owners wishing to put a corporate housing property under your management.

/// Ready to Try Franchising?

The International Franchise Association says "Be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Learn from the success and failure of others. Franchising is a process of bottling success and giving it to other people for use in developing their own successful businesses.

"Why would you spend years and the investment required to establish a successful brand, when you could buy a franchise which would give you immediate access to a successful business system and a brand name which others already have made successful?

"Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself and reap the rewards of your efforts?"


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