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/// Property Owners

Consistently Higher Returns

As a property owner, you know you cannot afford to have your units sit vacant because something didn't work, the unit was out of date, or overpriced. Enter AvenueWest.

The AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing program is specifically designed, tested and proven to deliver high quality rentals, exceeding both property owner and tenant expectations. Our Signature Properties Program constantly maintains the quality of every home – delivering higher returns for owners and peace of mind for tenants.


/// Welcome to Our Structured Housing Management Program

Our expertly developed management program works hard to meet your needs by bringing only the best properties into our inventory, assisting with furnishings (if necessary), providing housecleaning and maintenance services, and working with you to assure you obtain the most from your investment.


The first step in establishing your property as a rental with AvenueWest is to call your local Property Management Department at (800)928-1592. After an initial phone consultation we will determine if your property and your needs as an investor match our program. If we are both in agreement to move forward we will set an appointment to meet with you at your property for an onsite evaluation and provide you with further details. This visit allows us to assess possible pricing, occupancy and recommend improvements or changes that may need to be made. During this visit you will be able to discuss your specific needs and ask any additional questions you may have.

After the initial on-site property meeting we will compare your property to other comparable properties in our inventory, discuss the rental possibilities with our leasing staff and decide if upgrades, changes or additions need to me made to assure the highest level of occupancy and establish a rental rate.

Once a contract has been signed, your property will be placed “on-line” within our computerized management system and in our web-site marketing database. Once the property is activated within the computer system it will remain active and continuously re-rented for the duration of the management contract. Inspections will be made upon each departure and a thorough annual clean and inspection will be scheduled to maintain and evaluate the quality and condition of your unit. Again, our main focus at AvenueWest is to provide quality rentals while maintaining a high occupancy rate and this can only be done through mutual respect and communication.

Our goal is to connect you with a real person who can help as quickly as possible. Property Listing

Our office is open with people, not machines, answering the phones to give knowledgeable and intelligent answers to your questions. Our goal is to keep your home rented!

/// Properties for Temporary Assignments, Relocations, & Business Travelers

Lofts – Unique, trendy urban residences in Dallas that offer individuality in every unit. Floor plans offer high ceilings, open floor plans, hardwood floors and modern kitchens

Condominiums – A privately owned property in a larger secure highrise building. Unit floor plans differ greatly from one Dallas complex to another offering variety in style, design and amenities.

Townhomes – Located in unique Dallas neighborhoods like Downtown and Oak Lawn. An individually owned property that has its own private access from the outside and private garage space. Floor plans offer multiple bedrooms and living space similar to a private home.

Houses – A single-family home with multiple bedrooms, larger living space, private garage and yard accommodating relocating families and other groups needing housing.

Apartments – Located throughout our cities. These are multi-unit housing developments offering a variety of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans.

The AvenueWest Team brings 20+ years of expertise and skill in providing full management services for furnished monthly rentals.

We strive to provide quality rentals for our tenants and properly service the customized needs of each owner and property. This means we spend a lot of time with both tenants and owners to maintain high-caliber homes.

Our tenants are clear: quality, location and cost are what are most important to them. Tenants want their requests taken care of in a timely fashion. We have a proven process for this which emphasizes keeping property owners well informed and educated about their homes.

As with our furnished property management program, AvenueWest has a full service program for managing your property as an unfurnished rental. We follow State laws for leases, screening applicants, representing tenants, promoting your property, and site inspections.

Owners can expect hands-off service, meaning we take the calls for everything! We staff a 24-hour contact line so both tenants and properties are carefully attended to.

We strive to maintain high occupancies, rents received on-time, and use state-of-the art tools for online management of your property.

To learn more and connect with a qualified representative, feel free to call us. 800.928.1592

Specific furniture will vary from unit to unit to best fit the space and style of the unit. Please specify any special requests you may have. Every AvenueWest home is required to maintain standards of quality and includes:

  • Free Calls – Local Phone service is included in all AvenueWest Signature Properties
  • Free Extended Cable TV – Enjoy more channels of news and sports at no additional expense.
  • Extensive Furnishings – We go beyond the basics. Discover and enjoy all the details you should expect in an executive home.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen – Our executive Housewares package includes coffee starter packs, cookies sheets, pizza cutters, wine openers and all the basics you will need.
  • Free Calls – Local Phone service is included in all AvenueWest Signature Properties
  • Free Extended Cable TV – Enjoy more channels of news and sports at no additional expense.
  • Extensive Furnishings – We go beyond the basics. Discover and enjoy all the details you should expect in an executive home.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen – Our executive Housewares package includes coffee starter packs, cookies sheets, pizza cutters, wine openers and all the basics you will need.

/// Inventory List



Baking Dish Vegetable Peeler Forks
Bottle Opener Water Pitcher Spoons
Can Opener Water Glasses Knifes
Colander Wine Glasses Steak Knifes
Cookie Sheet Dishes Dish Towel
Cutlery Tray Plates Dish Cloth
Cutting Board Bowls Potholder
Fork/Tongs Cups/Saucers Placemats
Cheese Grater Mugs Napkins
Ice Cream Scoop Pots Microwave
Knife Set-3Piece Frying pan Coffee Maker
Ladle Sauce pan Toaster
Measuring Spoons Pizza Cutter Trash Can
Measuring Cup Spatulas Tupperware
Mixing Bowls Spoons Salt & Pepper


Shower Curtain Toilet Brush Soap Dish
Waste Basket Plunger Bath Mat
Bath Towels Hand Towels Face Towels


Mattress Pad Sheets Hangers
Bedspread Blanket Laundry Basket
Clock Radio    


TV Stereo Vacuum
DVD Player CD Player Iron


Broom with Dust Pan Lader Garage Broom (if applicable)
Mop Fire Extinguisher Ironing Board

Through our years of experience managing and leasing properties, we have developed processes and systems to handle with your needs in an efficient, effective manner.

  • Your Housing Coordinator lives and works in the same city as the property you are leasing
  • They respect our privacy and require written authorization to enter your unit
  • They always follow the guidelines and ethical standards set forth by the Corporate Housing Providers Association

Why AvenueWest?

AvenueWest is a unique Property Management company. We pride ourselves on not only maintaining your property and keeping it in the best condition as possible, but we work with large corporations, individuals, and other corporate housing companies to find you the best tenants for the highest rental rates. Our goal is to keep your property rented at least 80% of the year and if you don't make money, we don't make money.

Why monthly leases?

Monthly leases provide you with more gross profit in the long run since each client has different lengths of stay and different rental rates. Generally, the rental rates are higher for shorter term stays and can be decreased for longer term leases.

Why do I have to pay for the Linen & Towel Program?

The Linen and Towel Program is a service AvenueWest provides for quality control. Tenants need to know that they are staying in a unit with clean linens, towels, shower liners, pillows, etc. We do not wish to nickel and dime our clients for stained linens or nickel and dime our property owners for these items every time these items need to be replaced. The L&T Program allows for each AvenueWest office to have enough linens, towels, shower liners, pillows, kitchen linens, etc. on hand always for easy replacement. This service also provides for lower wear and tear on your washer and dryer as the cleaners receive clean linens/towels from each office prior to cleaning the unit and they are required to was the dirties offsite. The cost covers your unit for one year regardless of how many tenants stay.

Do I pay for cleaning in between tenants?

No. Each client is charged a one-time cleaning fee prior to their arrival to cover the cost of the departure clean. If there are excessive cleaning charges over this amount, the client would also incur these charges. Each property owner does get charged annually for one seasonal clean (which goes above and beyond a regular departure clean) and for one carpet/upholstery clean.

Do I have to put the entire inventory list in my property?

Yes, in order for your property to be considered an AvenueWest Signature property and to get the highest rental return rate, you will need to provide all the items on the required inventory list. Other corporate housing companies have very specific property requirements and our inventory list covers their needs as well as our client's needs. If all of the required items are not in the unit, then it will not be rented out to other corporate housing companies or corporations, but private individuals only who don't necessarily pay the highest rental rates.

Why so many keys?

AvenueWest needs to ensure that there are enough sets for all tenants (3); 1 set for outside maintenance vendors (2); 1 set for cleaners (1); 1 set for the emergency key box (1); and 1 master key set (1) which is kept in a secure key box.

When do I get paid?

All tenants are required to submit payment by the 5th of each month. All credit cards are processed on the 1st of each month. It takes 5-7 business days for these funds to be released to us. AvenueWest strives to get all owners paid on or before the 10th of each month unless payment has not been received by the tenant. If payment has not been received by the client by the 5th, then action will be taken on behalf of each AvenueWest office to recoup the payment ASAP or start the eviction process.

Why do I have to change the billing address on the utilities?

AvenueWest requires all owners to have the billing address changed on all utility bills that could have tenant charges on them (i.e. cable, phone, and electric/gas). We will process these to ensure there are no tenant charges. If there are an tenant charges, then the client will get charged for what they added/ordered and the owner will be charged the remaining balance. We will pay these on the property owner's behalf using the $300 working capital required from each property owner each month (if the property is rented, these funds just get deducted from the owner's payment).

I don't want I?

We have seen a growing trend for a lot more clients traveling with their pets. Each client is charged an additional pet fee for deep cleaning the unit after their departure including a carpet and upholstery clean and the replacement of all comforters. Anything above and beyond this fee would also be charged to the client. If you say no to allowing pets, then you might miss out on more renters. If you are allergic to any certain type of pets, then obviously it would be in your best interest to not allow these in your property if you ever intend on moving back in.

Can I use my property when it is empty?

Yes, you may use the property as long as you submit a written request to your property manager notating the dates of your request. Your property manager will get back to you notifying you if the property can/cannot be used during the dates requested. If the property is not rented during the dates of your request, then an owner block will be put into the reservation system notifying the leasing agent(s) that they cannot book your property during your stay. Advanced notice is preferable to ensure that you will be able to use your property.

For additional information or to list your property contact us at (800)928-1592. Our goal is to connect you with a real person who can help as quickly as possible.

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